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Heresy Miniature

le Mer 24 Juil 2013, 12:33
Heresy Miniature, l'excellent site du sculpteur indépendant Andy Foster se met à la résine.
Il faut savoir que les figs sont toujours originales et de qualité et que l'ensemble de la production se fait de façon artisanale, ce qui évitera donc de se retrouver avec du Finecrap à la GW !

Andy FOSTER a écrit:

I now have the two big pressure pots and vacuum chamber that I need for the resin casting process. I'll be ordering a few things today - foamed pvc, resin, silicon, elastic bands, etc to get the mould making process started. The pots need a bit of adapting - pipes cut, valves added, shelves inside, levelled off on stands and then there is a good week or two's work just to make all the moulds etc before I can begin casting.

The only way to do it is to not send out orders for at least two weeks whilst I get set up! There will be a BIG SALE to cover the time I'm closed, possibly with a ludicrous discount attached. But do be aware that this means the your order won't be posted for at least 3 weeks and it will take me at least 2 further weeks afterwards to catch up - this is a MASSIVE amount of work I'm about to undertake but I have no choice.

Once the resin moulds are working, I'll be coming in early and staying late every day until the task is done and the queue is sorted out. Even if I somehow manage to get 2 Dragons a day cast up, it would still take me 5 months to get clear!

There is a LOT of work ahead of me. A ridiculous amount. But I have a lot of promises to keep and no other way to keep them, so here we go!

Hopefully once things get moving I will be able to find the funds to get some more pots and speed things up.

So, from Friday, no orders will be posted, but there will be a big Sale to cover your delay. Stay tuned for details!


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